Friday 2nd November 2018

For breakfast I had 200g oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and a scoop of vanilla protein blend added in

I ran out of pitta bread, so had 4 poached eggs in 2 wholemeal baps and then headed to the gym

Today was leg Day, and felt good so went right into leg extensions. I did 2 warm up sets and then onto my 1st working set. It felt easy, so set 2 I went heavier, set 3 even heavier! I love days like this, when you can just move the weight. Next I went onto Squats, with 1 warm up set, then 3 big working sets, failing around 6 to 8 reps, and the most I'd done in a long time. Next up was leg press, wide foot position to start, 3 sets, Superset with calf press. Then onto a narrow foot position for 3 steps, Superset with calf press. I did some glute work on the cable station, then onto seated hamstring curl, again going heavier, and getting good reps out too. I used the Smith Machine and a step for standing calf raises, and then onto seated calf Raises, with a bench, a step and resting 2 dumbbells on my knees.

Overall great workout, and after I had a shake of chocolate whey Isolate, and a banana.

I treated myself to a huge pizza after, my favourite cheat meal and it tasted great.

My last meal of the day was 250g quark, 40g protein blend mixed with a drop of water to make a paste.

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