Friday 9th November 2018

Breakfast today was 200g of oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and a scoop of vanilla protein blend mixed in. 
I had a coffee with soya milk
I went to the gym about an hour after eating. Blood distribution means your digestive system takes blood from the rest of body, including the muscles to absorb all the nutrients, and then to take them where they need to go. This takes roughly an hour, but can depend on the size of the meal. Most food I eat is easily digestible, so I rarely feel stuffed or bloated 
Today is chest day! And I'll admit I was a bit tired after 3 big heavy workouts, and this is my smallest workout of the 4. Nice and quiet in the gym today, and started on incline bench press. I'd been staring on this exercise for the last 3 weeks, and like to keep a routine for about 4 weeks and then freshen it up. Also the upper pectorals can be hard to build, but I'm haig with how mine are growing. I did 2 warm up sets, and then 3 heavy sets here, and I mean heavy as I was getting 4 to 5 reps. I may have gotten more but no one to spot me. I find it really hard to get a good spotter. You either get someone who takes the whole weight off you once you struggle, or they let the bar stop, both of which are poor. The best way is to keep the bar moving, no matter how slow it moves. Exercise 2 was decline bench press, again the same as last week, but felt good and went much heavier, and did 4 working sets. After that I went into cable flys on the narrow cable station, which does the job. High reps, 12 to 15 for 4 working sets. I then moved onto dips, with just my bodyweight, and nice and slow deep reps too. This movement is also great for the triceps, but I like to lean into it to hit the pecs. And last off was the chest Press Machine, really heavy, 4 big sets using the narrow handles which hit the inner chest and triceps. Even though I was tired, and didn't go to crazy, it all went really well, and so happy with my workouts right now. 
Then onto core, starting on the fitball and doing crunches with a big stretch on the negative, and full contraction of the abdomen. I did 4 sets with my bodyweight. The into leg raises, again 4 sets really slow and pushing my feet to the ceiling. And last up was wheelouts, which are hard but so rewarding. I'm going to change up my routine for my next chest and core session, as I need to push my core harder. I'm ready happy with that too, as my waist look tiny, and always have abs showing. If I was a bit tighter on my diet, and added a bit of cardio I'd have a full 6 pack in around 4 weeks tops. It's winter though, so I'll work on that next year now, ready for summer 😉
Post workout I had 45 grams of whey Isolate, birthday cake flavour from bulk powders which is really nice, 10g L-glutamine and a banana 
I finally went shopping! I got all my foods ready for the next few days. I like to buy fresh as much as I can, so you have to shop a bit more. 
My next meal was a bit naughty, 2 veggie burgers in wholemeal baps, with cheese and ketchup in too! Not only that I ate half a cheesecake, and wow was it yummy
My pre bed meal was arla high protein yogurt, strawberry flavour, with 40g of vanilla protein blend mixed in. Can you tell I bought the arla yogurts in the sale? 😂
When you eat a lot you have to budget, so getting food a bit cheaper here and there really helps out 
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