Monday 19th November 2018

Breakfast today was 250g Oats in water, microwaved for 2 ½ minutes, and 40g vanilla protein blend mixed in 
10g L-glutamine, 1 multivitamin and b-complex tablet 
I also had a coffee with soya milk 
Meal 2 I had a veggie quarter pounder, cheese in a wholemeal bap and some ketchup 
Meal 3 was 4 poached eggs in 2 lightly toasted pitta, cut into halves, and an egg placed in each half with some ketchup to flavour
Gym time and today was back, rear Delts and biceps. And I felt tired today! I even contemplated not training, but sometimes I have great workouts when I feel tired, as I don't overthink it all, I just lift. I started on lat Pulldown, pyramid sets like yesterday, working up in weight and down in reps, then going down in weight to force the reps back out. Next up barbell row, felt really strong on this, and did 4 heavy sets to failure, between 6 to 10 reps. Then onto T-bar Row, right into heavy sets, 4 sets 6 to 8 reps. Next up a Superset of straight arm lat pulldown on the cable station, straight into face pulls, 15 reps of each. My elbow injury was playing up! So annoying. I tried to work around it but I could feel it pulling. 
I moved on to biceps, starting on Hammer curls on the cable station, one of my favourite exercises. This felt good and went heavy, and kept it strict, however when I went onto barbell 21s, my elbow got worse. I even went lighter but it flared up. I did carry on, seated Dumbbell Curls and concentration Curls, but after it was painful, and maybe I should have rested after all! 
I later decided I'm going to have a few days off, my neck/traps are bad, I really need a massage to get the knots out, and my elbow was sore all day after. 
Post workout I had 45 grams whey Isolate in water with 10g L-glutamine and an apple 
My next 2 meals were the same, 75g wholegrain rice, 60g broccoli, 3 quorn nuggets and 2 boiled eggs. I added some ketchup to
Meal 5 pre bed was 250g quark mixed with a bit of water and vanilla protein blend mixed in 
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