Monday 22nd October 2018

Monday 22nd October 2018

Finally managed to film my breakfast for social media, mainly because when I say mix your protein powder into your oats, people get confused. So if you visit my social media pages, you'll see how it's done. 200g Oats warmed up for 2 minutes in the microwave, then 40g protein blend added in, mixed up to make a delicious vanilla flavoured breakfast. Also had a cup of coffee with soya milk, which makes it taste a whole lot better, and 10g L-glutamine, which I must reorder as I'm getting low. As I made breakfast I also use this time to meal prep for the day. I find it much easier to cook several meals in one go, this time 3. I had 3 southern fried quorn pieces left over from yesterday, so cooked rice and broccoli to go with it, and 2 soft boiled eggs. I then made 3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages, added the rice and broccoli to that meal too, plus 2 soft boiled eggs, and my 3rs meal for post workout is 3 boiled eggs with cous cous.

After getting ready I headed to the gym to train legs, and started with Squats. Now I'm trying to get deeper each time, and after years of lower back and hip injuries, they are finally getting better. Weekly yoga is definitely helping. I'm also finding my legs the hardest to rebuild, but I'm determined to grow them back. I did 2 warm up sets on Squats, then 3 working sets. Next up was leg extension, all 4 sets to failure, and increasing the weight as I did well over 10 reps, and wanted to fail before. I added 2 to 2 cheat reps at the end of each set. Same for seated leg curl, got some reps, so went heavier, and added cheat reps too. At this point my legs were pumped up, and went into leg press, 1 warm up set, 3 wide heavy sets to failure, 3 narrow sets to failure, and every set Superseted with calf press. Now having your feet wider on the leg press works more of the inner quad and adductors, narrow works the outer quad, so a good overall quad blast. I then did Kettlebell Lunges stepping forwards first for 2 sets of 12, then step back for 2 sets of 12. And then glutes on the cable machine hip thrusts using the rope between my legs. I finished off with the foam roller, rolling out my back were I found knots, and then stretched out my legs and glutes. Overall great workout, the. Gym was packed, but everyone was training chest so I got on what I wanted and in my desired order. Post workout I had a banana, 45g whey Isolate and 10g L-glutamine. And then carried on with my meals roughly every 3 to 4 hours apart. My pre bed meal being quark, 40g of vanilla protein blend, in water and 10g L-glutamine.

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