Monday 26th November 1018

Back to it after a week off training! Injuries can be a very real part of lifting in the gym, and unfortunately I picked up a few over the years from other performances which battered my body. Even in the gym I've been guilty of training to hard, overtraining and not resting my body enough. Sometimes these things catch up with me now, so nothing new, I just ended up niggling at a couple of old ones. 
So as I mentioned before the inside (medial) of my right elbow was getting painful, even to touch. This is where the bicep inserts, and most pulling and curling movements were making it worse. My neck (upper trapezius) was also very stiff, especially when waking up, and getting painful in the gym. It was bad enough on shoulder day, but got painful on every workout, especially back! 
So I forced myself to rest which is probably the opposite of most people who force themselves to go to the gym, but this also gave me some time to work on some other things 
With muscle injuries it's recommended to increase your daily protein intake by around 15% to help heal the injured tissue. I kept my protein high all week even though I wasn't lifting 
Breakfast 250g Oats in water, microwaved for 2.30 minutes, and vanilla protein blend mixed in 
10g L-glutamine, 5g creatine monohydrate, 1 multivitamin and 1 vitamin b-complex 
Pre workout coffee with soya milk 
So after resting I started the week on shoulders as per usual. Why? Well after any kind of rest I like to start on the body part I like to work on the most. I'm pretty objective with myself, and check the mirror and photos for progress, and feel I need to build my shoulders up more. I also like to keep chest and shoulders apart so they can rest and grow, so I design my split around that also. My 4 day split is day 1 Shoulders and triceps, day 2 legs and glutes, day 3 back, rear Delts and biceps, day 4 chest and core. 
I started on barbell upright Row, as I rang want to build up my upper trapezius area, plus this works the delts and biceps to. I was a little worried this might aggravate my bicep injury and neck, but it felt good. I reduced all of my weights down by around 20%, and did 4 sets of 10. Next up barbell shrugs, dumbbell shoulder press, Arnold Press, lateral raise, front raise. All nice and easy, good form, and not working to failure 
Next up was triceps and started on incline Skull crushers using the Ez-Bar, and doing 10reps, Superset with incline close grip bench press using the Ez-Bar for another 10 reps. Again not to failure, just really good form, and completing 4 sets. Next dumbbell kickbacks, another 4 sets of 12, and last up I used the cable station for Tricep pull downs, really focusing on the medial head of the triceps 
I had a pear right after, and 45g whey Isolate protein, 10g L-glutamine and and 5g creatine monohydrate 
My next meal was 4 poached eggs in 2 lightly toasted pitta bread, using some ketchup to flavour 
I had a snack of 2 quorn Lincolnshire sausages and a banana 
My next 2 meals were exactly the same 
75g pasta
3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages 
2 boiled eggs 
60g broccoli 
Tomato and basil sauce 
And pre bed 
250g quark 
40g vanilla protein blend 
10g L-glutamine

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