Monday 29th October 2018

I woke up and had 200g oats in water with 40g vanilla protein blend mixed in. I use a blend of egg, milk and whey as it's slower digesting then just whey, which I feel is to fast on an empty stomach. I also had my vitamins, b-complex and a multivitamin too. 

My next meal was 2 pitta bread lightly toasted and cut in half, with 4 poached eggs, 1 for each half, and a big of ketchup. This was also my pre workout meal, which I ate about an hour pre gym. Before I left the house I had a coffee with soya milk in. 
Today was back, rear Delts and biceps. The reason I put rear delts here and not on shoulder day is because they get hit a lot with the back exercises, so I just finish them off here. I mixed up my routine today as I'd been doing the same one for a while now, and started on lat pulldown with a traditional grip. It was a cold day and performed 2 warm up sets first, then went heavy, aiming for 10, but the goal was to fail before that. I did 4 working sets, theast 2 sets I added a couple of cheat reps at the end, then went into lat pulldown, this time with a supinated grip, narrower, and pulling the elbows down into my sides close to my lats. I got a really good squeeze, plus I like the feel on my biceps on this movement. Next up was T-bar Row, with 1 warm up set, then 3 working sets to failure, going heavy too and it felt good. Next up I did reverse cable flys for the rear delts, performing 3 sets of 15. Then onto the seated row machine using the top handles, keeping the elbows high to emphasise the rear delts and upper back. Next up was a Superset of straight arm lat pulldown with the rope attachment, which I love as I really feel it in the lats, and always get a good pump too. I did 4 sets, 12 to 15 reps Supersetted with Face pulls which is also great for rear delts and upper back too. This is an easy Superset to do as it requires little change between sets as you can use the rope for both, just a change of body position. And that was it for back, so moved onto biceps. 
I changed this up a bit also, I had been starting on 21s, but decided to start on one of my favourites, spider Curls! I love this movement, so restrictive, great squeeze and pump too. I used a narrow grip for the shorter bicep head. I did 4 sets all to failure. Next up dumbbell Curls. Alternating whilst I lifted, and seating on an inclined bench to really hit the longer head. And finally I finished off with Hammer rope Curls on the cable station. Again I love this movement, and I stand a good 2 feet back from the machine, pulling the rope up and towards me, which really hits the forearms, biceps and brachialis. 
Another great session. Kept as warm as possible during it too, wearing a vest, a t-shirt and vest under it too. You can't be to careful now it's getting cold out. Post workout I had 45g whey Isolate protein in water, 10g L-glutamine, and a banana. 
My next 2 meals were exactly the same, 75g wholegrain rice, 3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages, 60g broccoli, and 2.soft boiled eggs. I put in a bit of ketchup in for flavour. 
My last meal pre bed was quark mixed with vanilla protein blend. 

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