Saturday 20th October 2018

The brutally honest journal of my diet and workouts, and my thoughts on training principles

Today I woke up feeling fresh, focused and full of energy. Having been away from the gym for 2 days, I couldn't wait to workout. I got up and had breakfast, 200g Oats in water, and a 40gram scoop of protein blend from bulk powders, made from egg, milk, and whey. I warm the oats up in the microwave first for 2 minutes, then add the vanilla flavoured protein in and mix it all up. I prefer it thick. I also had a 10g scoop of L-glutamine, a multivitamin tablet, and a b-complex tablet too. I drank my coffee as I got ready.

Today I had it in my head I was going to train shoulders and Triceps and wanted to film some movements for social media, so I performed those exercises first. I got warmed up on the cable Upright Row, standing 2 feet away from the machine, I can pull the cable up and towards me, which you can't do with a barbell. This felt really good, I kept my hoodie on for the 3 warm-up sets to make sure my body and joints were ready for the working sets. I did 3 working sets, each to failure, aiming for slightly higher reps. Next up was Dumbbell Upright Row. As I was already warm I went right into the 4 working sets, all to failure again. I love this movement as your hands have more freedom to move in an ark as you lift the dumbbells up. And then barbell upright Row, where I used wrist straps to go heavier. These are great, as when your forearm or grip starts to fail, you can carry on lifting, taking the targeted muscles to failure, rather than failing due to lack of grip! Next up was Dumbbell Shoulder Press, which felt heavier than normal, as I usually do this movement first, but now my delts were already tired. I did one warm-up set as it's a new movement, then 3 working sets, all 3 to failure. Next up was Dumbbell Lateral raises, perfect for building the medial head of the deltoids, and giving it that rounded look, or some people call it the shoulder end cap. I did 4 sets to failure, even using cheat reps at the end of each set, to get the weight up, and controlling the weight back down on the negative. My last exercise was cable Front raise. I use the rope attachment for these. Facing away from the machine, and with the cable between my legs, I bend my upper body and use my arms to bring the ropes right up so my arms are level with my head. You don't need much weight for these, as the front delts soon burn out, which feels great.

Next up was triceps! I do these as my triceps had already been worked on the shoulder press, now time to really push them. I started on my favourite superset, Skull Crushers into Close Grip Bench Press, using the Ez-Bar. I adjusted the bench to a 45-degree incline, so I emphasize the longer Triceps head, I do skull Crushers to failure, then go right into close grip bench press. I anyways keep the bar 4 inches off of the chest, to keep the pressure on the triceps and off the pecs the best I can. Again to failure, and I completed 4 supersets. Next up an old school classic, dumbbell kickbacks, performing 3 sets, not to failure as its too easy to use momentum over form, just nice and strict, and squeezing the Triceps into full contraction. And last up was Tricep pulldown on the cable station. Using a supinated grip, pulling down towards the thighs, and really working the inner/medial Triceps head which can often lag behind. The workout felt great, and I really enjoyed it.

Post workout I had 45grams of whey Isolate chocolate flavor, and 10g L-glutamine, and a Granny Smith apple.

I decided to have a cheat meal today, after being very strict all week. So I had my favourite as always, pizza. It was a flatbread, with tomato and rocket which was very nice. And for dessert, profiteroles in chocolate sauce from Aldi which was so good, but sickly too, but probably as I ate all 8! Very naughty haha

Meal number 3 was one of my favourite snacks, 4 poaches eggs, with some ketchup in 2 wholemeal pitta bread. I lightly toasted the pittas, to open them up. Then cut them in half and the eggs slot in perfectly!

Meal number 4 today is my usual pre-bed meal. I mix 250g of Quark with 40g of Protein Blend mixed in, with just a bit of water to smooth it out. If it's done right it looks and tastes like a dessert! Very yummy, and lots of slow release protein for the body to use to recover and grow during the night. 

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