Saturday 27th October 2018

I started off the day with 200g Oats in water, 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend from bulk powders, 10g L-glutamine, a multivitamin, and a vitamin b complex tablet

I pre cooked my meals, and each one had 75g wholegrain rice weighed dry, pre cooked, 3 southern fried quorn nuggets, 2 soft boiled eggs, and 210g baked beans. This was meal 2 and 4. Meal 3 was a left over wrap from yesterday, and an apple.

I headed to the gym next, roughly an hour after eating meal 4, and went in to train shoulders, traps and triceps. The weather was colder today, so kept wrapped up to keep the body warm, and to avoid injuries. I stare off with Barbell Upright Row, doing a warm up set of 10 reps, then going into my working sets, aiming for 10 reps, but hopefully failing before hand. I used a couple of reps at the end of each set with a smaller range of motion, just to keep the bar moving. Overall I did 4 working sets each to failure. Next up barbell shrugs, which I sometimes forget to do! I did 1 warm up set, 4 working sets pretty strict, and went heavy too, the most weight I'd done in a long time. Then into the pressing, starting with Dumbbell Shoulder Press, I managed to keep the weight heavy again, although it was hard after doing 2 exercises first, and completed 4 sets to failure. Next up Arnold Press, and did 3 sets, no warm up, all working sets, and went for higher reps which really pumped up the delts. I then did a bit of filming for social media, with Dumbbell Lateral Raise, seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise, and single arm cable Lateral Raise, and then made a video and posted it to my social media accounts. I was happy with how they came out, and also the results I'm getting too. Last for shoulders was cable Rope front Raise which also burns, and pumps up the front delts.

Next up triceps, and used the V-Bar attachment on the cable station for Pushdowns, doing 1 warm up set, then increasing the weight each set, and the 4th set being a drop set. This is one of my strongest movements. I then did my usual Superset, of skull Crushers using the Ez-Bar, into close grip bench press, all on an incline bench set to 45°. This also works the upper chest too, which is hard to develop, but adding these in really helps. And last up I finished on overhead rope extensions, going for 20 rep sets, which got the blood pumping into the muscle.

Really good workout, and felt fresh after 2 days of rest and eating. I always drink about 750ml of water throughout my workout, to keep me hydrated, but not enough to make me pee all session. Post workout I had 45 grams whey Isolate, and 10g L-glutamine, and a banana. I went food shopping after, and bought a pizza for my next meal, and some chocolate seashells which tasted so good, but also very sickly and went into a good coma after! My last meal of the day being quark mixed with protein blend. It feels like I've eaten loads today! Looking forward to working out tomorrow now, and planning my session in my head.

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