Saturday 3rd November 2018

Breakfast days 200g Oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and 40g Chocolate whey protein added in (I ran out of protein blend) 1 multivitamin tablet, and 1 vitamin b-complex tablet 

I snacked on a pear 
For my next 2 meals I'd made up 6 wraps, each with 150g quorn mince, mushrooms, 1 courgette, an onion, spices, and a bit of mayo in each one. So 3 wraps per meal and they tasted amazing too
Next snack was a banana 
Then off to the gym to train back. Quick session today as they were closing early. Started on wide lat Pull down, 1 warm up at, 3 working sets, failing between 6 to 10reps, then with a supinated grip, and shoulder width I did 3 working sets
Next up single arm dumbbell row, going right into working sets, 4 to failure, between 5 to 10 reps. My last set I added a rest pause set, as I failed at 5, I put the weight down for 2 to 3 seconds, then forced out 2 more reps 
Next up dumbbell pull over, again 4 big sets to failure, Superset with Cable rear Delts. 
I then moved onto forearms and biceps, starting with cable Hammer curl, going really heavy as it felt easy, and getting 4 working sets in. Then spider curl using the Ez-Bar, bent over a 45° Bench, and did 5 sets to failure between 6 to 9 reps. And last up seated bicep curl with dumbbells, with alternating arms until failure. 
Fast workout and I felt it, but I do love small rest times and supersets, as this works great for me 
Post workout I had 45 grams whey Isolate 
Next next meal was 4 poached eggs in 2 pitta, and then another cheat, as I ate 8 profiteroles in chocolate sauce, and wow were they good! Very naughty though
My last meal was 250g quark mixed with protein blend as my bulk powders order arrived! I had 10g of L-glutamine too

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