Sunday 18th November 2018

Breakfast today was 250g Oats in water, microwaved for 2 ½ minutes, and 40g vanilla protein blend mixed in 
10g L-glutamine, 1 multivitamin and b-complex tablet 
Meal 2 was 2 Linda McCartney Sausages, filled spinach and ricotta pasta, tomato stir in sauce, then added fried veggies, ½ courgette, 4 mushrooms, ½ red pepper, ½ a red onion. I put some Grated cheese on top too, and it was delicious! 
I had a coffee with soya milk in
The gym time! Legs today, and started on leg extensions, 1 set 16 reps, I increased the weight each set by 2 plates. Set 2 13 reps, set 3 9 reps, set 4 6 reps. Then I decreased the weight by 2 plates each set after, completing 2 more sets. Wow my quads were blown up already. Next onto the leg press machine. I put on a medium weight for 10 reps of wide press, straight into narrow for 10 reps! 4 sets of these were brutal. Then whilst I was in the leg press, I went right into calf press. I went heavier for the first 2 sets, then did 3 sets to failure between 8 to 10 reps. Next up heavy calf raises on the Smith Machine, using a step and the bar across my traps, and completed 4 sets to failure, 6 to 8 reps. Next up I added 2 supersets, forward lunge with kettlebells into stiff legged deadlift. 2 sets, and step back lunges into stiff leg deadlift. Great for those hamstrings and glutes. I finished the workout on the seated hamstring machine, pyramid sets again, going up in weight each set, then back down again. Really good workout, not as hard as some of them have been lately. I probably needed this though, I always go into workouts so hard, and feel to stimulate growth I have to push my body every time. Unfortunately this has led to a couple of injuries I've now picked up
Post workout I had 45 grams whey Isolate in water with 10g L-glutamine and an apple 
My next 2 meals were the same, 75g wholegrain rice, 60g broccoli, 3 quorn nuggets and 2 boiled eggs. I added some ketchup to
Meal 5 pre bed was 250g quark mixed with a bit of water and vanilla protein blend mixed in 
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