Sunday 21st October 2018

Here's my food and workout for today. Brutally honest and to the point 

Today I got up and had 200g oats in water, and added in a 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend by bulk powders. I had 10g of L-glutamine, a multivitamin tablet, and a b-complex tablet too

About 30 minutes after I ate a delicious pear, one of my favourite fruits.

Meal 2 was 2 pitta bread filled with 4 poached eggs, and some ketchup to flavour it. This was my pre workout meal, as I headed to the gym to train back, rear Delts and biceps

The gym was quiet, very nice as I could use what equipment I wanted, and in the order I had planned. I started on wde pull ups, which I find the hardest so do them first. I'm up to 8 reps on the first set which isn't loads but it's getting better each week. Overall I did 4 sets to failure, and trying to film this is hard, as there are no decent angles, but tried anyway. After I did dumbbell pull overs, heavy and 4 sets to failure. Some people do this for chest, others for lats. I feel this hits the lats more, especially with my hips lower than my body, I can really pull it over and feel it hitting the right body part. It used to be called the upper body squat, as it works so many muscles, like pecs and the long head of the triceps. Next up was Single arm row, which again I went right into using a heavy weight. By heavy I mean I want to fail before I get to my desired number of reps, this time 10 but failed around 8/9, with no cheat reps this week. I love to work my rear delts on back day, normally because they are getting hammered anyway so performed rear flys by laying front down on an inclined bench. One of my favourite movements for rear delts, performing 4 sets, strict, no swinging. After I did 4 higher rep sets of cable facepulls using the rope attachment. Aiming for 15 reps each set. And after all that I moved onto biceps, and some forearms, starting on barbell 21s with a slightly wider grip to work the inner longer head. I did 3 sets using a 20kg barbell. The last set was gruelling, and had to cheat a few reps up. Next up I did cable Curls, but using a rope attachment, and standing just over 3 foot away from the machine. I pulled the rope diagonally up into a Hammer curl, really bringing the ropes away from each other. Last up was seated dumbbell Curls, alternating arms, supinated as I lift them up, and did 3 sets of these to finish up. Post training I had 45g whey Isolate in water, 10g L-glutamine, and a banana.

My next 2 meals were rice, 75g measured dry, pre cooked, 3 quorn southern fried chicken nuggets, and 60g broccoli and 2.soft boiled eggs. I added a bit of ketchup for flavour.

My last meal pre bed was 250g quark, 40g protein blend mixed, and a little water.

Overall a good eating day, and awesome workout too


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