Sunday 28th October 2018

The clocks changed last night, so tried to get some extra sleep, but no chance as my brain woke up very alert.

So I got up and had 200g oats in water with vanilla protein blend, a multivitamin and vitamin b complex tablet.

For lunch I had spicey bean burgers in wholemeal baps, with cheese and ketchup. A bit naughty but hey, they were nice. After digesting I had a coffee with soya milk, and headed to the gym to train legs!

The weather has really changed, it's so cold now, so made sure I stayed wrapped up, and got warmed up properly too. I always make sure my muscles and joints are warm and ready to lift. That all important synovial fluid needs to be lubricanting the joints, especially during big lifts.

First up was leg extensions, starting on 2 warm up sets of 10, nice steady pace, and got the blood flowing into the quad. I like to get the quads and knees warmed up pre squatting. I then did 4 working sets, and feeling strong so I put the weight up quite heavy. My joints felt really good today, no aches or pains, and squatting next felt good too. It really flowed well, the best they have felt in ages. I did 1 warm up set, and 3 working sets, going heavier for the last 2. Next up leg press. I did one warm up set, then 3 sets wide Supersetted with calf press, and 3 sets narrow Superset with calf press as well! Again I went heavy, failing before 10 reps as it felt really good. Next up Kettlebell Lunges, 2 sets stepping forwards, 1 sets stepping back. Next hip thrusts on the cable station, with the rope between my legs, and pushing out, and really squeezing the glutes. Last up was seated leg curl, with 1 warm up set, and 3 working sets to failure. Really good workout, and after I went onto the mats to foam roll my back, glutes and hamstrings, finding so many knots! I need to get a sports massage soon.

Post workout I had 45 grams chocolate whey Isolate in water, and 10g L-glutamine, which I need to reorder ASAP. I also ate a banana

My next meal was a bit random, as I had left over quorn nuggets, so had 3, plus 1 boiled egg, and sweet corn. Tasted good, even though it seemed weird.

About an hour after I had a granny Smith apple 

I pre cooked my next 2 meals also, a nice korma, with peppers, mushrooms, onion and sweetcorn. I mixed it with some boil in the bag rice. I normally add quorn pieces to this, but the flavour has really put me off lately, so put 3 eggs in each pot for protein and good fats. They tasted delicious, and spaced them out around 3 hours apart.

My last meal of the day is quark with a little water mixed in, and 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend by bulk powders.

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