Thursday 15th November 2018

Breakfast today was 200g of oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and a scoop of vanilla protein blend mixed in. 10g L-glutamine, a multivitamin and a vitamin b complex tablet 
Meal 2 was 4 poached eggs in 2 lightly toasted pitta, cut into halves, and an egg placed in each half, with some ketchup to flavour 
Today's workout was on chest and core. And I actually kept it very similar to the last couple of weeks. This was mainly as I'd already changed so much this week, I thought I'd wait until next time to change it up more. I started on incline bench press, 1 warm up set, then into my working sets which felt great! 3 heavy sets to failure between 4 to 6 reps! This felt easier than last time and my strength is really improving now. I did a last set, going lighter and getting more reps out. I then moved onto decline bench press, going in fairly heavy, but that felt easy, so went heavier and did 3 more working sets to failure between 6 to 8 reps. I did change the next exercise to dumbbell flys on an incline of 30°. I didn't go to heavy, nice and slow, squeezing the pecs each rep, and did 4 sets of 10. After I went into the chest Press Machine, narrow handles, and did pyramid sets, so starting light and getting reps out, then each set going heavier, and getting less reps, then heavier again. Then coming back down in weight each set, and trying to get more reps each time which is very hard as you're so burnt-out. Last up was overhead rope extensions for triceps, just 3 sets of 15 to finish off the triceps 
Next was core, and started on fitball crunches, 4 sets. Then 3 sets of lying leg raises, and 3 sets of wheel outs
Post workout I had 45 grams whey Isolate in water and 10g L-glutamine, and a juicy pear
My next 2 meals were exactly the same, 75 grams wholegrain rice, 2 quorn Lincolnshire sausages, 3 boiled eggs and 125g baked beans 
Meal 5 pre bed was 250g quark mixed with a bit of water and vanilla protein blend mixed in 
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