Thursday 1st November 2018

Yesterday my new Muscle Alive vest arrived, and it looked great and couldn't wait to wear it to the gym. I got in 2 meals before I went, and breakfast was 200g of oats, in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and a 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend added in.

My next meal was 4 boiled eggs in 2 pitta bread, lightly toasted

Then off to train shoulders. I've really shaken up my routine here, and seeing some great results, and fast too! Starting with Barbell Upright Row, performing 1 warm up set, then right into it. I felt strong too. I always use wrist straps for my working sets here, so I can really fatigue the muscles, without losing grip on the bar. For set 3 and 4 I increased the weight, and it still felt good, and set 5 I reduced it a bit to get extra reps out. Next up barbell shrugs to continue working the trapezius muscle. Again 1 warm up set, and then 4 big working sets, going as heavy as possible, looking to fail around 6 to 8 reps. Again I felt strong, and really pushed the weight up again, working my traps to the limit. No forced reps, as I might add this in next week. I then went onto dumbbell Lateral raise, as the gym was busy and I wanted to continue moving. Again I managed to go heavier, 4 working sets to failure, added some cheat reps to my last set, forcing the weight up, and really controlling the negative. I finally got onto a free bench, and went into dumbbell shoulder press. 1 warm up set, felt good, so went right into my heavy sets, and did 3 to failure. I recently managed to press more weight on this exercise, and it felt good to still be able to do that after 3 big movements beforehand. After that was cable Front raise, going through a full range on motion with the rope. You can't go to heavy, as the delts just blow up. I did 4 sets to failure. I finished shoulders with a Superset of dumbbell Lateral Raises, Supersetted with Arnold Press. Wow what a great set, really pre exhausting the medial deltoid with the Lateral Raise, then finishing it off on the Arnold Press. I did 3 big sets of these, and my delts were done!

Next up was triceps. I started on V-Bar Pushdowns on the cable station. I still felt good and went really heavy, every rep squeezing my triceps. They blew up and felt great. Next up my favourite triceps Superset on the incline bench. Using the Ez-Bar for skull Crushers first, bringing the bar right over the head for a big stretch on the long head, working to failure, then going onto close grip bench press to failure too. I did 4 sets of these, getting a great pump. And finally I did 3 sets of dumbell kickbacks, which I feel is a really underrated move now, but great for shaping the triceps muscle

Post workout was 45g whey Isolate, and a banana. I've had to reorder L-glutamine as it's all gone!

My next 2 meals were exactly the same, 75g rice, broccoli, 3 quorn southern fried pieces, and 2 boiled eggs

I snacked on an apple too

And pre bed meal was 250g quark, with vanilla protein blend mixed in

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