Thursday 25th October 2018

Had a bit of a weird day as I was off out and about visiting, and travelling via coach. I took what food I could with me, and started the day with just a shake from Holland and Barrett. It was by Nutramino and called XL protein, containing 50g protein. It was very nice, but milk based and also contained 50g sugars too! Ouch! I arrived at my destination about an hour after and had delicious lentil soup, which also contained lots of veggies too. And for desert a vegan and gluten free cake, yummy. 
I had made some wraps for on the go. These take up hardly any space in my bag and handy on the go. I'd made up a whole load to have during my travels, and they were made from quorn mince, peppers, mushrooms, courgette, onion and some spice. I then add them to the tortilla wraps, and put some mayo in each one making them creamy and delicious! So I ate 2 for my next 2 meals. 
Finally chilled out to a movie in the evening, the excellent Interstellar, and had a small bowl of oven chips, quorn fish cakes and some ketchup. 
No gym today, having a couple of rest days. I never worry about missing workouts anymore. This used to drive me nuts for many years, but now I'm more relaxed about it. I know my body is getting extra rest and recovering, and when I go to the gym next, I'll be fresh and strong, and hungry to workout again. 
Just remember you can train hard in the gym, and even though you look bigger due to the pump, you're not actually building tissue. It's on your rear days you can eat and recover and start to grow and build lean tissue. 

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