Thursday 8th November 2018

Breakfast 200g oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and vanilla protein blend mixed in. 1 multivitamin, 1 b-complex and 10g L-glutamine 
Meal 2 50g couscous, 225g baked beans and 4 poached eggs. I'm really running out of food,  as that was the last of the couscous! 
A coffee with soya milk, then off to the gym for back, rear Delts and biceps 
The gym was very quiet, a nice change, but still a few friendly faces to chat too
I started on lat pulldown, wide, with 2 warm up sets of 10, then into 3 working sets to failure between 6 to 8 reps. A couple of cheat reps at the end of set 3. Then I carried on with the same machine with a shoulder width grip, supinated grip, and pulling the bar into my collar bone, and elbows down low. 3 heavy working sets on this too. I then moved onto dumbbells for single arm row. I went straight into my heavy sets on this, 4 working sets. On sets 3 and 4 I added rest pause at the end to get extra reps out. Next was Dumbbell Pullovers, again 4 heavy sets, failing between 6 to 10 reps, and then onto barbell Rows, where I didn't go crazy heavy, just good form. I really need to get a belt for movements like these, as I'd feel much for confident with my back.
That was back done, as I moved onto rear delts, starting on facepulls using the rope attachment on the cable station. High reps, 4 sets, not to failure. Again just good form, slow reps. And then rear Delt fly on the cable cross over, higher reps again. 
Then onto biceps, as they have already been used on back, I just pick 3 exercises to really focus on them, but I had a bit of time today, so added a fourth, but they were spent by then. I started on cable bicep / Hammer curl on the cable station and using the rope attachment. I love this movement and went really heavy with it, progressing the weight each set as it felt easy. Next was spider Curls, again one of my favourites. Setting the bench to a 45° angle, then laying chest down onto it, and using a narrow grip the the Ez-Bar..i went right into 4 heavy sets, all strict but also as close to failure as possible  Next up was seated bicep curls, using dumbells, and the bench inclined back to get a good stretch on the long head of the biceps. 4 sets to failure again. Last up I did a couple of sets on concentration Curls,  but my arms were tired, and didn't do much at all 
Post workout I had 45grams of whey protein and 10g L-glutamine and an apple 
My next 2 meals were the same, 75g wholegrain rice, 3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages, and 2 boiled eggs. No veg as I'd ran out!
I did have a naughty snack. Kit kat minis in a bag which were so nice 😂😂
And pre bed I had arla high protein yogurt, strawberry flavoured, mixed with 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend, and 10g L-glutamine 
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