Tuesday 30th October 2018

Breakfast was 200g of oats in water, heated for 2 minutes in the microwave. I then add mix in 40g protein powder, which is a blend of egg, milk and whey. I also had a coffee with soya milk as it was almost gym time.

I pre cooked my next 3 meals, and headed to the gym to train chest, and core

This is one of my shorter workouts, which is nice, and I normally have a rest day after too.

I changed up my routine today, and started on upper chest with incline barbell bench press. Nice deep reps, touching the chest with each negative. I did 2 warm up sets, and 3 working sets to failure, going as heavy as I could without a spotter. Next up I went onto lower pecs, with the decline bench press, which I feel has gone out of favour with a lot of lifters, but is still a great movement, with a slightly lower range of motion too. I did 4 sets to failure. Next up I set up an adjustable bench to a 30° angle, and did dumbbell flys. Again 4 sets of strict reps with a nice stretch, and leaving a gap at the top of the exercise, to leave the tension on the pectorals. Next up was dips, and did 3 sets with just my body weight, leaning in to hit the pecs over the triceps, but of course it still works both. Next was cable cross over, doing 4 sets of 15 with good form and a squeeze on each reps. After that I used the chest Press Machine, narrow handles for inner pecs and triceps, going really heavily and to failure over 4 sets. And I had a bit of time, so I went onto the cable station and did 4 sets of tricep rope extension to finish them off. Great workout and felt pumped.

Next I worked core. I don't do loads as my abs get thick and blocky fast. So did 4 sets of crunches on the fitball, with a bit stretch on the negative, and full contraction of the abs on the positive. If done correctly you can feel this in your upper and lower abs too. I then did leg raises from the floor, and pushing my feet up to the ceiling each rep. I did 3 sets and then finished on wheel outs, and did 3 sets to failure overall.

Post workout I had 45grams of chocolate whey Isolate, 10g L-glutamine, and ate a banana

My next meal was 2 toasted pitta filled with 3 boiled eggs, and a bit of ketchup for flavour

My next 2 meals were the same, 75g wholegrain rice, 60g broccoli, 3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages and 2 boiled eggs. I added a bit of ketchup for flavour too.

My last meal 250g quark, water and vanilla protein blend mixed in to make a yummy pre bed snack

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