Wednesday 24th October 2018

Today for breakfast was 200g of oats in water, microwave for 2 minutes, and then a scoop of vanilla whey protein blend added in  The blend is eggs, milk and whey. Also a coffee with soya milk, 10g L-glutamine, a multivitamin and vitamin B Complex. I also used this time to prep all my meals the day ahead. 

I then headed to the gym to train chest and abdominals! 

The gym was packed again, and had to wait a while to get on anything, and just about got on rhe flat bench press. I did 1warm up set, then added weight each set, working up to 90kg

'm trying to rebuild some strength and it's all coming back bit by bit, but no rush as I don't want any injuries. I did 1 set after on 70kg to get some reps out. All working sets to failure the best I could on my own. Next up decline bench press. I would have liked to have used dumbbells at this point, but it was too busy and I don't like to wait around. I have very little rest between sets and exercises, but enjoy this movement for Lower pecs. I also feel this exercise isn't popular anymore, which is a shame. I did 1 warm up set, 3 working sets to failure. Next up was cable cross over, again a great Shaper for pecs, went lighter and got 15 to 20 reps per set, and completed 4 sets, strict form, no cheating or forced reps. I then moved onto the chest Press Machine, which is just a general commercial one with a weight stack. This machine is good, as you can pull the back rest forwards, allowing you to get a really good stretch on the negative portion of the exercise. I also used the narrow handles, which emphasis the inner pecs and triceps. Each set to failure, and going up by 2 plates each set, and the 4th set a triple drop set back down, with only with time to change the weight in between each set. Get pump. I then did 3 steps of parallel bar dips, again great for chest and triceps, leaning into the movement for the pecs.

Next up was abs, and started on the exercise ball, which puts the body in an unstable environment, so you have to use all of your balancing muscles to stay on it! You can also really stretch on the negative too, and completed 4 sets of 12 to 20 reps. Next was lying leg raises, at the top of the movement I push my feet towards a the ceiling to really contract the lower abs and hip Flexors. And last was ab wheel out, which I love, and they work the whole core, legs and upper body too! Overall a great workout, and my body is feeling better all the time, a few niggles here and there from past injuries, but nothing that won't stop me obtaining my body goals. Post workout I had 45 grams of whey Isolate, 10g L-glutamine and a banana.

My meals today were all the same, as I cooked 250g pasta and broccoli, then mixed in pesto, and split it into 3 containers. I added 3 quorn Lincolnshire sausages to each one, and 2 boiled eggs. I had the first one about 50 minutes post workout, and the next 2 around 4 hours apart to get in all my carbs, proteins and good fats too!

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