Wednesday 31st October 2018

Wow last day of October already, the year seems to be flying by! Breakfast was the usual 200g Oats in water, microwaved for 2 minutes, and a 40g Scoop of vanilla protein blend mixed in. Tasted delicious. This is one of my favourite meals

I had to finish off a new design for coaching so got that finished, and updated the website too. Had a much deserved rest day today, my upper body felt sore as I'd just done 4 big days in a row. All great workouts, and really seeing the results coming along. Not only am I rebuilding myself, I'm making sure I'm symmetrical and looking better than ever before. I'll never get as big, but a better overall shape. I know my waist is the smallest it's ever been at 32 inches, which is great for me as I'm pretty big hipped, and now I've had to buy new clothes as my old joggers kept falling off me!

My next meal was again one of my favourites, 4 boiled eggs in 2 pitta breads, with a little ketchup.

I watched the Ronnie Coleman documentary they just put on Netflix called King Ronnie. It was a really good to watch, as they showed his Olympia wins, him on stage, in the gym lifting crazy heavy weights, and then also the negative effects on him now, as he can barely walk and had so many surgeries, especially on his back. They also had a lot of pro bodybuilders on their talking about him which again I thought was nice. I'd definitely recommend watching this, although I thought it would be really motivational, I actually felt bad for him overall, due to his injuries.

My next 2 meals were exactly the same, 75g pasta in tomato sauce, 3 Lincolnshire sausages, broccoli, and 2 boiled eggs. A bit of ketchup in there too

I snacked on a pear and an apple throughout the day too

And my final meal was 250g of quark, with a bit of water, and vanilla protein blend added in, and mixed into a paste

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