Blog 1 - Keeping it simple!

Today's blog is about training exercises I often see online and are now filtering down into the gym. Some of them are very good, other very unnecessary and confusing
Now if you're new to weightlifting, or have been training for a while now, have a really good think about what you want to achieve, what are your goals, have they changed, and are you doing the right movements for those goals?
So you have set and clarified your goal, you might want to lose some body fat, build lean muscle tissue, get in shape for a holiday or wedding, or you might even want to compete in bodybuilding events. No matter what your goal is, keep the movements simple. Go and learn all the basic movements that will change the shape of your body, and fast!
All the smaller refining exercises can be added at the end of the workout, and intermediate and advanced exercises should only be used once all the basics are mastered.
Imagine you're building a foundation for your future workouts and goals. Would you build a house on marshland? No, you'd build a solid foundation for your house, and that's exactly what you're doing with your body. Building a strong foundation will last you a lifetime
I've decided to list some of the basic movements which you should add into your workout plan. They are in no particular order, and if you're not too sure of the correct form for you, speak to an exercise professional who will coach you through them
Barbell Squat
Wide Pullup
Barbell Row
Dumbbell Pullover
Bench press
Military press
These big exercises will shock your body into changing. They are all multi-joint exercises too, or they are also known as compound movements. Because they work across more than one joint, more muscles are being used. Not only that but free weights also hit your stabilizing muscles, which helps keep the limbs in position whilst lifting.
Give them a try when you're next in the gym, and I hope you shock your body into getting the results you want
Stay fit and healthy,

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