Blog 3 - Workout Structure

Have you just started going to the gym, and you're not too sure where to start? Now there is a lot of information out there about working out, especially in magazines, books and online. There are many different ways to train which I will cover, but you can't go too far wrong with the basic structure.
Now I see a lot of members going around the machines in the order they are laid out in within the gym. Or back and forth like a zig-zag motion, reading the labels, and doing what they think is correct. Now we all started somewhere, and training safely is the most important thing, no one wants to get an injury. The other thing is doing something is better than nothing.
Working safely, effectively and efficiently is the key to getting those results. You can pick up information from books or magazines, and they will contain some good information. You could also book in with a fitness instructor who might even give you a free induction and program.
Hiring a personal trainer with credentials could really help you on your way. Make sure you get a consultation and tell them your goal which will help them plan the right program for you. And having a progressive program is even better, as it will change and modify as you progress on your journey. You're going to get fitter, stronger, better recovery, and so your program needs to reflect that too
Machine adjustments should be recorded also, as you need to be in the correct position to lift safely and efficiently, just remember these may change over time too, as your body is changing shape, your adjustments may need to also change.
Always be aware of what you're doing, and why. Even experienced gym goers can forget this, and just go through the motions, or pick up bad habits. You may need to rethink what you're doing completely if your body has stopped changing and reached a plateau, or you've achieved your goal and have a new one, or maybe some of the basic movements have been left behind.
There's always room for improvement in any program, stay safe first though, and other changes can come after.
Now here's for the structure, as a rule of thumb, start with the big movements first. These are the big mass builders, also called compound or multi-joint exercises, that also require the most energy, stability, and it's good to do them when fresh.
For legs and glutes you can start with barbell squats, and barbell front squat.
For chest you can start with barbell bench press, and incline bench press.
For back you can start with deadlift and wide pull-ups.
For shoulders you have military press and upright row.
And for arms you can use EZ-Bar curl for biceps, and Dips for triceps.
Now, these are the big moves, and after them, you can put in the refining movements, or single joint exercises.
I'll release another blog soon on developing your workout structure, and putting together an effective workout program.
Stay fit and healthy

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