Blog 4 - 4 Supplements to aid fat loss

Chromium - now this has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It helps aid sugar digestion in the body. This is great if you have extra sugar within your diet, and the best part is, it stops you craving sugar!!! Yes, that's right, all those nasty sugar cravings will go away. It's really cheap too and can be bought from your local health shop.
Vitamin B Complex is a great supplement as it contains all 8 B vitamins. This can help you with good digestion, a healthy appetite, hormones, and cholesterol production.
Other benefits also include cell health, the growth of red blood cells, energy levels, good eyesight, healthy brain function, proper nerve function, cardiovascular health and muscle tone
Once again this is a very affordable supplement, and the health benefits outweigh the cost every time.
Cla (conjugated Linolic Acid) is a form of fatty acid, that reduces our urge for unneeded food intake, therefore helping us burn the calories that we already have.
It also helps promote lean muscle gains, although these are little, it all helps. It can also assist with healthy skin...another bonus.
L carnitine - it's tested and proven to help take the fat you eat, and get the body to use it for energy, and not store it! Bonus right?
It has other benefits too. It helps keep your blood sugar levels low, even after a high carb meal!
I hope this information helps you on your journey

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