Blog 7 - Growing over the winter period Part 1

Bulking! It's a term I hear thrown around the gym this time of year. The weather has cooled down, more clothes are worn, and the summer getaways are all done. Now is actually a great time to set a new goal, increase calorie intake, build lean tissue and also work on stubborn body parts that aren't developing as fast as the others.
Now there are a couple of different ways to 'bulk' which I'll talk about now.
Now for me, the term bulk is just another way of saying fat! Dieting hard all year can leave you craving naughty foods, like pizza, cake, fast foods, sweets chocolate. And it's easy to get a taste for these foods and overindulge! Although some people choose to eat these foods deliberately, to take in extra calories to try to grow. In my experience, this just leads to extra fat storage, and even though you may look and feel bigger, don't be fooled into thinking it's extra muscle. You will at first look fuller though, but after about 2 weeks, the fat storage will start to show, and keep showing as long as the poor calorie intake continues. A layer of fat will hide all muscle definition and separation.
Gaining extra fat this way may grow extra lean tissue underneath it, but how will you know? The results will only show once you have dieted off the extra stored fat, which normally happens in the run-up to the following summer! It is not easy to lose the access fat, and also remember if the skin is stretched, will it go back to normal, especially around the abdomen?
You also have to think about the health implications of poor calories, as fat can store around the organs, in the arteries, and have long-term implications too. Some trans fats can be very bad for your health. You can also feel tired and sluggish as you can put extra pressure in the pancreas to release insulin, and control blood sugars. No one wants to deliberately cause themselves poor health.
Now I've witnessed this time and time again, where people store extra fat during the winter, diet it off, and actually look worse! No new muscle, no results, and all the hard work they had done before gone!
Next time, I'll talk about how to grow correctly during the winter period.
Remember these are all of my opinions based on 18 years of experience within the fitness industry.
Hope you enjoy reading

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