Restaurant Review Comptian Libanais 31st May 2019

There's a restaurant called Comptoir Libanais in Oxford which I often walk past and thought I'd give it a try as it looks very nice and very colourful. They had an offer on for breakfast, a coffee and a juice for £10. Inside they were very friendly and the waitress found me a window seat with a lovely view of the colourful restaurant. It was like stepping into a different country and I loved the look of it so much I took lots of pictures. It had a real family feel to it, and had an older gentleman working behind the counter making food, and I could see chiefs coming and going as they prepared meals.

The waitress gave me the smallish breakfast menu, explained the offer to me, and pointed out all of the specials. When I say the menu looked good, it looked good with a good choice of vegetarian options, in fact I found it really hard to choose!

The waiter came over and asked for my order, and I double checked that the breakfast specials were included in the £10 offer, and they were. I chose orange juice, a coffee and Shakshuka with Feta. The description on the menu - 'a slow cooked tomato, onion and pepper mixed with parsley, coriander & garlic, and topped with a fried egg & crumbled Feta, served with pita bread'. 

After about 15 minutes it arrived, and it was big, very well presented and colourful too! Not only did it look appealing to the eyes, it smelled so good and I couldn't wait to try it. I have to say this did not disappoint me in anyway. It was absolutely delicious, the taste and texture was amazing, the combination of flavours were superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the coffee was the real deal tasting very fresh, and the orange juice freshly squeezed. I was full, and that takes a lot of doing and I left feeling very satisfied and will definitely be back to try the other options.


The food was very fresh and healthy, and a great option to have when you're out and about and want to avoid 'junk' food


If you find a Comptoir Libanais near you I would 100% recommend trying it out. I cannot wait for my next visit



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